When you're ready to make the critical decision of forming your reinsurance company with Capital Warranty Solutions, we handle all the details.

We provide the industry's best outside legal, investment, and actuarial dealership consultants. Our team of experts will form your reinsurance company in compliance with all current laws and tax regulations. Our network of actuaries will advise you about profitable programs and rates and assist you in customizing your product offerings and customer benefits. Full disclosure, face-to-face cession reports, and no hidden fees let you focus on what's important... growing your wealth.

We will manage all of the complexities of the operation including:

  • Company Formation

  • Lender Approval

  • Legal Compliance

  • Risk Management

  • Claims Administration

  • Tax Return Preparation

  • Charter Establishment

  • Financial Reporting

  • Record Keeping

  • Loan Facilitation

  • Investment Return Analysis


Portfolio, a Money Making Opportunity.  Portfolio has been America's first choice for 100% ownership of profitable reinsurance entities.

Maximize Profits with Unmatched Benefits:

  • All the profits to you: 100% ownership, 100% underwriting profits, & 100% investment income

  • Reinsure all F&I and aftermarket products

  • 5 Day cessions to maximize the time value for your money

  • Investment guidance to match your risk tolerance and maximize return

  • Properly structured loans from unearned premiums at your disposal

  • Total control over trust account manager and location

  • Customized net rates and F&I Plans according to your regional needs

  • Increased service department revenue and retention through unique value offerings

  • Enhanced customer loyalty through unique value offerings

  • Take 2 and Service Drive sales

  • Dealer chooses full reimbursement rate

  • Customer is directed to your dealership for service

  • 100% error-free on-line contract rating & claims payment

  • Net-Net remits processing

  • Weekly business reinsurance funding

  • Net-net remit for uninterrupted investments


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