Why choose us?

Custom Solutions
CWS provides fully insured products custom tailored for your dealership, customer, and market.  We'll eliminate the lost opportunities from not having products to benefit your customers on all units you sell.  We don't believe in one size fits all solutions like you'll get from our competitors, we're only interested in what works best for you.

Everyone in our company, from the founders down, has extensive in store experience.  We believe that experience is critical to be partners that understand your needs and help facilitate your growth.

In-Store Training and Income Development
We come to you, one-on-one.  Our innovative, customizable training programs focus extensively proper presentations, objection handling, and compliance.

Real Time Reporting
F&I production data available at any time, anywhere.  Our system allows for real time analysis of current performance.  Knowing exactly where you stand is crucial to getting to where you want to go.

In our ever changing regulatory landscape, compliance is more important than ever.  CWS will conduct reviews and ensure that best practices are used in maintaining legal compliance with the CFPB, Red Flags, Truth and Lending, and FCRA.

increase profitability and reach your goals

Capital Warranty Solutions has a proven track record of increased sales, gross, and customer satisfaction.  We deliver a competitive edge to our dealer partners utilizing our tailored solutions for every client.


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